Customized glasses

We live in the time of "customization" of our needs and preferences, and we can customize almost anything: shoes, shirts, cars, optical lenses and even our own body. However, no one has thought about glasses so far. In spite of appearances, hardly anyone has glass frames that fit them well. That is why we are introducing Tom Davies – the precursor and the only company in the world that makes "bespoke" frames.


That British designer offers a service which allows for ordering completely individualized glass frames. A customer chooses the most beautiful, according to them, model from the ready collection and a colour from the available colour range. Another choice concerns the material from which our dreamed of glasses are to be made as well as the finish: sheen, matte or "scratched surface". The rest is our job, i.e. the team of OkoArt will make the measurements and will make sure that the ordered frame fitted perfectly on a customer s nose. The time of waiting is about 4 weeks, and you can enjoy new, totally customized glasses with the discreetly laser-engraved name and surname on the internal side of the arm.

What can you want more?

In such well-fitted glasses you can not only see better, but also be noticed. If you do not like to compromise and are looking for perfectly chosen frames, you should come and see the collection in our store!